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BrightSpark IP runs intellectual property information-sessions and assists with drafting all the relevant legal agreements and documentation your business needs to protect and commercialise its intellectual property.

BrightSpark IP will customise information sessions to meet your business and brand needs. The workshops are short and easy to understand, setting out the Top 10 things to consider when developing new ideas and brands that require protection.

Having a better understanding of your business’s position will put you in better stead to instruct attorneys, without wasting valuable time and money on consultations.


/ Why protect your brands and ideas?

Equipped with an understanding of intellectual property right from the BrightSpark IP Workshop, you now know exactly what elements of your business need protecting. BrightSpark IP offers IP Solutions to meet your business needs. The BrightSpark IP Solution revolve around protecting your brands and ideas through Trade Mark and Copyright laws.

BrightSpark IP Solutions to protect your brand include:

Trade Mark Availability Searches
Is your new name / brand available for use and registration without infringing anyone else’s rights? Does it meet the legal threshold to be registrable at all? BrightSpark IP will conduct a thorough search of the Trade Marks Register to determine the answer.

Trade Mark Application for Registration
Once you have been given the green light that your trade mark is available for use and registration, BrightSpark IP facilitates the application for registration process. A trade mark registration certificate will give you a face-value right to prevent others from using your brand.

Brand Guidelines
BrightSpark IP will provide you with a framework and guideline to ensure that you are using your brand in a way that prevents it from becoming a generic term and ensures it maintains its distinctiveness and value as a trade mark.

Licence Agreement
Your brand is an asset that others should not be allowed to use freely and without your permission. As others start to recognise that your brand denotes quality, they may wish to associate themselves with you and sell products under your trade mark. BrightSpark IP will help you manage that relationship with an appropriate licence agreement.

BrightSpark IP Solutions to protect your ideas include:

Copyright protection is automatic in South Africa. As soon as you complete the creation of your work, the rights exist. Seems easy enough, right? Like all “general rules”, there are exceptions to this rule and that’s where things can get a little confusing. BrightSpark IP is here to bring clarity to situations where copyright exists. Your relationship with third party IP-developers can be managed easily through a comprehensive Service Level Agreement and Copyright Assignment Agreement.

In addition to protecting your brands and ideas from launch, BrightSpark IP can conduct an audit of your existing IP to determine whether there are any gaps in the protection of your IP portfolio.


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The South African legal system has created a number of mechanisms through which you can protect your brands and ideas.

® | © | ™

The different mechanisms protect different aspects of your business – not one of them covers every angle. The BrightSpark IP Workshop equips you with information about what elements of your business are protectable – some might not be. With this information, you will know exactly what you need to do to ensure that your brands and ideas become valuable assets on your balance sheet.

The first step in most consultations with attorneys involving intellectual property is a session explaining the areas of the law and what you can or cannot do in a given circumstance. This billed time is in addition to the time actually spent doing the work that you need to get done. The BrightSpark IP Workshop will empower you to ensure that any consultations with attorneys remain focused on the specific work you require them to do. Being an informed client will save you valuable time and money.

The Workshop is designed as a “Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Intellectual Property” as an entrepreneur, start-up or anyone creating intellectual property as part of their business. The discussion points focus on introducing you to the concept of intellectual property rights. It sets out the different mechanisms available in law to protect your brands and ideas and goes into details on what is a good brand and what is a poor one, from a legal perspective, as well as what is not protectable at all. The discussion points are customised to be specific to the nature of your business.

If you are creating intellectual property or have anyone creating intellectual property on your behalf, the BrightSpark IP Workshop provides you with essential tools to understand this core aspect of your business.


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